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Property Listing

This process includes: Preparation, professional photography, cleaning, marketing strategies, advertising, strategizing on how to attract potential tenants, targeting the right clientele, and rent evaluation.

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Property Management

This involves property condition updates and arranging for contractors' repair(s) if needed. We can help you manage your investment to maximize the value for the highest income stream. Flip your old investment property and extend to Triple AAA Principle – Acquire, Analyze, Achievement and always get you, as a landlord, Triple AAA tenants.


This process comes with lease preparation, e-signing, paralegal partners, and advice on the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB).

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Tenant Screening
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Leasing Management

Before a tenant's lease comes to an end, our team communicates with them to offer some options - renewing the lease or finding a new property. We also keep the landlord updated on property valuation (income stream potential), investing in research and market awareness, and rent collection.

We run background checks to help protect landlords (our team has experience working in major banks, including prevention experiences related to identity fraud and fraudulent documents). Let us help you find the right tenants to fit landlord requirements. 

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